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We increase organic traffic and downloads


We are improving the conversion rate from viewing to installation


We optimize positioning for relevant key queries


We find and correct technical and graphic errors


We attract the target audience and form its positive attitude to App


We provide full adaptation and localize to new markets


How we optimize the mobile application in (App Store and Google Play)

seo_1Find the optimal promotion strategy

At the first stage of the App Store Optimization service, we conduct a thorough analysis of the project, which includes a study of all its main indicators that affect the ranking in the search for online application stores. In particular, we study competitors and develop a set of tactics to form a strategy for its entry into the TOP.


seo_2We compose the semantic core

The method of expert selection identifies relevant key queries that are specific to a particular market (local) and correspond to its topics to effectively increase the audience, we work to improve the quality of conversion rates.



seo_3We carry out internal optimization

On the basis of the created semantic kernel we optimize all necessary metadata Titles, Subtitles, Descriptions, we select the correct parameters for content, and also we correct all errors for full conformity to modern requirements of ranking in search of shops of mobile applications..


seo_4We analyze key performance indicators

We analyze current ASO-indicators: ranking by queries, KPI, number of downloads and returns to the program. We evaluate rating indicators and feedback from the audience.



seo_5We create reports and recommendations

For the purpose of the further effective advancement of the mobile application in stores we form the report in which we analyze in detail dynamics of its indicators, factors of influence on them, including technical analysis, and create follow-up tactics to promote mobile Apps.



ASO продвижение

Why choose us?

Decency is our basic principle!

In essence, ASO is an increase in the position of the mobile application in the ranking of stores for key queries, as well as an increase in organic settings after viewing the program page. Our team constantly monitors the algorithms of the App Store and Google Play. The nuances of finding and visually presenting the results in these stores are different. We will briefly describe the main ASO stages of each of them:

Optimization in the App Store

  • Search and analysis of competitors
  • Search for key queries and create a semantic core for all application locales
  • The frequency and relevance of the collected queries is determined
  • Creating metadata, a well-composed header, subheading, writing keywords for the application

How we optimize the application for Google Play

  • We look for competitors and form a semantic core
  • We work with the relevance of queries of the semantic core
  • We compile metadata when creating a header, write a short description of the program, create a long description, fill in the developer’s name, URL / package name, compile reviews and write tags, choose and add screenshots correctly
  • We take into account all the features of locations in Google Play

We pay special attention to the graphical optimization of applications in the App Store and Google Play

In order for users to actively click on the cherished “Install” button, you need to be not only in the top directories. The appearance of the application in the listing and the detail page itself should arouse interest and desire to install this application faster. To do this, we work carefully with CRO (optimization of the conversion rate) when viewing pages.

According to our data, more than 50% of store users decide to install the application based on their first impression. Therefore, we pay special attention to creating a portrait of the target audience. This affects the choice of colors, compositions and messages: what you want the user to know about you and why he should download your application.

We also give recommendations and help with competent and non-trivial selection of icons, screenshots and banners, creating videos for the App Store (15-30 seconds) and Google Play (30 seconds – 2 minutes), while we know all the nuances, for example, that the most important information is placed in the first 5 seconds of the video!

Ratings and reviews, as well as indexing applications and working with Deep Links

Impaired ratings can lower your search positions and reduce conversions. Our ASO specialists will help you properly configure the appearance of the pop-up window with the question about the application, as well as give recommendations to react to the negative as soon as possible. Indexing the program content in search engine results can be an additional source of settings. For this reason, we are sure to study analytics to properly configure application indexing, as well as Deep Links technology..

We support A / B testing in ASO

After performing a basic optimization of the program page and studying the results, we test local changes in the elements. After each iteration of the A / B test, we determine what improves visibility and conversion. Because the potential increase in conversion after each A / B test can be 15-45% .. We have a lot of ideas for split tests! As a result, thanks to high-quality ASO optimization, you can increase the number of views, downloads and installations of your application!

from $100/month


  • Project analysis
  • Technical and Germination out recommendations
  • ASO monitoring
  • Administration and support of the project 24\7

from $259/month


  • Project analysis
  • Technical and Germination out recommendations
  • Internal optimization
  • Guaranteed to increase your audience

от $450/month


  • Implementation of your project
  • Installation of all necessary plugins, features and counters
  • full ASO
  • Guaranteed growth of the project audience

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