How much, what, why – these are the main questions that are always of interest to the customer and to which we, with pleasure, are ready to give answers.

How much will cost our services ?

We tried to develop our pricing strategy for clients as simply as possible, namely, we brought all prices to a conventional unit of time and labor costs for the service. The so-called standard hours.

One hour of our team’s work today costs $ 15, in the world of online marketing this cost is not very significant, we try to specifically keep it to acquire new customers.

For example, the cost of SEO promotion depends on many factors and can vary from $ 150 per project and more. The team will spend at least 10 standard hours of time on it.

As a result, we consider this approach to be the most honest for both the customer and the advertising agency. No two business projects are alike. Each project requires an individual approach and development strategy with the corresponding cost of standard hours. After all, you cannot make a standard rate for SEO promotion or a package for SMM.

Thus, we try to be more open to clients and prepare a work plan with labor and time costs for their projects. As a result, you will always be aware of what you are paying for.

Examples of calculating standard hours

For example, you can take the simplest one-page site (Landing page).

A detailed technical audit for a landing page with services for developing an SEO strategy will, on average, require about 20 hours of our specialists’ time ($ 300).

This analysis is necessary at the first stage and includes all the necessary audit of both internal site parameters and external ones:

  • indexing and ranking by the main search engines in the mobile and desktop versions;
  • analysis of statistical and metric data;
  • analysis of a competitive niche and drawing up a work plan.

Also, at the first stage, for the productive promotion of the site, it is necessary to collect the semantic core. In terms of a landing page of such a project, it will take about 6 hours of our time ($ 100). We will collect all the keys of your target audience, with the help of which they will find your services.

Competent compilation of semantics, as one of the main factors of SEO, will require additional consultations with the customer.

When compiling the semantic core, a careful selection and grouping of key high-frequency queries will be performed, the low-frequency query base will be selected separately and not lost, and in the case of contextual advertising, a list of negative keywords is drawn up to improve the advertising campaign.

As a result, the first month for a qualitative analysis, adjustment and planning of promotion for the page will be from $ 400, but then it may cost less.

It is worth noting that these are not fixed examples of calculating standard hours individually for your project and solving your marketing task. This is an approximate miscalculation for your understanding, thanks to which you will be able to navigate our pricing.

How much does it cost to promote a website or App?

The sites and apps vary so much that we cannot give an exact answer to this question. But it is in our power to assure and provide all the necessary advice for the client of the project within the framework of his budget.


There are no monotonous projects, there are different methods, promotion channels, teams and working conditions.
Each business and project chooses its own path and budget. We are always ready to advise and agree on favorable terms for both parties.

There are 3 main points:

  • the cost of work depends on many factors;
  • business promotion cannot be cheap;
  • there is a huge variety of business promotion and development, and each of them has a place to be.

A few more numbers

As we said above, there are no individual tariff plans for business, but below we have presented several examples of the cost of our services.

from $300/mo

SEO promotion

  • Detailed technical audit and strategy development
  • Collecting the semantic core
  • Technical and external optimization
  • Analysis of results and provision of a monthly report



  • Collecting the semantic core
  • Writing advertisements and extensions
  • Analysis of advertising campaigns and bid adjustments
  • Providing an analytical report

from $100/mo


  • Market analysis, competitors and content strategy development
  • Creating / updating a page
  • Content publishing / ad setup and optimization
  • Providing a monthly report
satisfied customers
projects in progress
person in the team

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