PR и реклама

Effective development and implementation of PR and advertising campaigns using the most modern online tools in the world to get results!

Market analysis and PR

Market analysis, PR & advertisement – these are important components of marketing and IT promotion, the object of which is a person’s feelings and emotions.

Advertisement or PR

The main goal of PR and advertising is to constantly increase the company’s profit through the promotion of goods and services among the public. Thus, the success of your business and company most depends on the effectiveness of advertising and PR.

Despite the fact that PR and advertising are always in close interaction with each other, their main difference is that advertising sells goods instantly, and PR is designed to create your brand over a long period of time.

Let’s try to understand the main differences between these two concepts.

The main tasks of advertising:

– carries information about a product or service for your target audience;
– calls potential customers to action – convinces and forms a desire to purchase a product or service;
– heats up your target audience and affects preferences instantly;

Tasks of PR:

– defines the points of contact of the interests of the company and the consumer;
– PR builds a brand and makes it famous for a long time;
– builds public relations and ensures positive relationships;

The tools used in advertising campaigns depend on the goals set by the company and the specifics of the market. On the one hand, the use of various types of advertising increases the reach of the target audience and the effect of the entire campaign. However, at the same time, the race for quantity can lead to huge and unnecessary costs. Therefore, it is very important to find a “golden mean” thanks to a well-designed and implemented advertising campaign..

Public Relations – It is a powerful tool for creating and shaping a brand name that is largely superior to standard advertising and maximizes the impact on your potential customers in the long term. PR services for each client are built individually and depend on the goals and budget, and can also include both partial and full services by our agency.

Новости и PR

Thus PR and advertisement – these are means of communication with potential customers, which, in aggregate, help to promote a product or service in a competitive market and ensure the growth and success of the company.

What do we offer:

  • Development and implementation of PR and advertising campaigns
  • Analysis of advertising campaigns
  • Organization of corporate events

The main advantages of working with our agency:

1. Market audit before starting campaigns.
2. A complex approach.
3. Constant contact with the customer.
4. Monitoring and making adjustments at all stages.
5. Individual recruitment of a team for each project.



    “Самый мощный элемент в рекламе — это правда”